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In School

This program supplements school science curriculum and serves children from 5th -9th standards at present. It focuses on connecting textbook concepts with real life applications. Our program is curriculum mapped and customized to all curriculums (CBSE, ICSE, State boards, IGCSE, and IB). Teachers are given activities based training through workshops conducted by our skilled experts. Once the program commences, teachers receive science kits relevant to the topics they are currently teaching, and distribute them in class. Students use these kits to have hands-on experience and learn each topic in fun manner. In such a way, Children get benefitted through activity based learning during their regular science period.

After School

The after school program is specifically designed for those schools which are unable to incorporate ‘In school’ program in their curriculum. The program serves children from 5th -8th standards. It covers basic science, technology and engineering (STE) based topics that are relevant to each standard. It is conducted in the school premises by our expert team for 2 hours for 7 consecutive weekends. A take away science kit comprising of all raw materials required for building science models is provided to each participant.


Summer and winter breaks are perfect opportunity for parents to get children interested in some hands-on science experiments, from developing inquisitiveness by experiencing science magic in the younger grades to pursuing practical based learning by causing chemical reactions, making mechanical models, solving scientific riddles and many more in the upper grades.

Benefits to children


A platform to gain a better understanding of the science concepts behind the fun activities....


Our methodology help children develop critical thinking abilities, deepen conceptual understanding and help them to relate to real-life application....


Our curriculum helps children to perform better in exams, as it is mapped to the school’s curriculum....


Helps in changing the way most children think, understand and study....


Tries to satisfy child’s curiosity and eagerness related to science around us....


Provides opportunities for children to explore science which is vital to the world's current and future development....

Fun with learning!

Our Team

Mohit Poddar

CEO & Co founder

M.TECH in Chem. Engg, IIT Bombay, 5+ years of industrial experience

Lokesh Chadokar

Academic Expert, Co Founder

M.TECH in Electrical Engg., IIT Bombay, Former HOD SIStec Bhopal, 5+ years of industrial and academic experience

Anuradha Poddar

Academic Expert, Co Founder

B. TECH in Elect & Comm. Engg., SMVDU Katra, 4+ years of academic experience

Piyush Jain

Supply Manager, Co Founder

B.TECH in Electrical Engg., NIT Durgapur, 4+ years of industrial experience

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