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To empower the young generation with a practical approach of learning so as to nurture them into active contributors to the country.


To incorporate innovative and affordable approaches in the current education system so that learning becomes practical-oriented, realistic and joyful for children.

About Mindbend

Mindbend, an inventive education solution provider, offers pedagogy integrating STEM (Science, technology, Engineering, Mathematics) with hands-on learning.

Our Aim: To let children
-   Perceive what they see
-   Understand what they study and
-   Experience what they do
We cater various programs such as In school, Fun camps and science clubs, which are well researched and developed by ardent professionals who aim to bridge the gaps left by theoretical classroom learning experience.

Why Mindbend?

Everything around us is Science. We use many appliances and come across various scientific laws and principles in our day to day life but most of the children do not recognize those laws and principles, even though they might have studied many in their classrooms. Real learning occurs when a student moves from theory to practice which is missing in our present education system.

According to NCAER's National Science Survey–2004, the ability of students from 6th to 8th standards to foresee Physics, Chemistry and Biology among various subjects been taught as their favourite subjects accounts to about 2%, 1% and 7% respectively.

We cannot change the system instantly, but it is the need of the hour as being adept in science iscritical to make career in the fast changing technology driven world, and to understand the dream of ‘Make in India’. The gap between theory and practical can be filled by providing add-on programs that will supplement the current educational curriculum and can be incorporated immediately. Mindbend provides the aforementioned add-on programs. Mindbend facilitates children to connect the textbook concepts to real life applications, making the idea of learning science a hands-on fruitful experience.

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